Mapping Out “Friendship” [Lethe/Chambray]


"I suppose I should start with an introduction. if we are to be partners on this scavenge, it would be best to be acquainted correct?" she replied, a smile now firmly planted on her lips. It wasn’t a norm for Lethe to be so comfortable, but the longer she spent with the male, the easier things seemed to come to her.  Something about his personality was refreshing oppose to all the politics she dealt with day in and out. It was…a home away from home., and even if she wouldn’t admit it out right, she enjoyed every second of it.

As she followed the other, she slowly began do disassemble her hood, and parts of her cloak revealing to him some of her laguz traits. Much like he did, she too wore beast like ears accompanied with a tail, which calmly swayed back and forth. The cloak was built for spying and travels, so it was quite customizable, but hopefully what she did reveal proved enough she was no ordinary fellow. 

After all, when working together, there should be no secrets. That was a Laguz ideal passed on through generations. If not, you could just smell out their truth. Liars never faired well amongst the beast tribe.

"I am Lethe, a member of the Laguz beast tribe, native to the continent of Tellius. I am far from home this day, but I’m honored to be in your company. Please, Allow me to do what I do best, and gather what you need."


"…now, what was it exactly you needed?"

"L-Laguz?!" Chambray exclaimed, utterly surprised. Laurent had told the taguel tales of the laguz while at a fair, but he had excepted to meet a real one. Regaining himself, he replied with his own introduction." I’m Chambray, the last of the Taguel tribe!" It wasn’t something he was rather proud of, but he didn’t know how else to word it. 

The closeness he felt to Lethe made complete sense now, at least. But so many more questions popped up. “Nice to meet you, Lethe. It nice to know I still have cousins, even better a nice lady like you is helping!” Chambray grinned. “I know a great forest that has vegetables if you dig in the right places, though you need a good nose. But knowing you, you do!” the rabbit replied, his long ears perking in joy.

Mapping Out “Friendship” [Lethe/Chambray]


"Do not worry, you are in no such trouble~ if anything, I would be. I’m merely a traveler, and your familiarity with the land would be most helpful."

A small cheerful yet lax smile crept upon the feline at the agreement to talk. She had feared this might have been much harder than it needed to be, but she was glad she found someone sensible enough to spare a few minutes. Lethe chucked even more at the fact that the guy wasn’t a beroc like her information had hinted. Of course it would be this way. Only so many humans would bother with a laguz after all.

"But…you did speak of scavenging, correct?" she then asked, curiosity still nibbling at her. “Before I ask my questions, perhaps I could be of assistance? Scavenging is the livelihood of my home as well. If you are out on business, I can assure you that I can at least half your work time. You could even…consider it a way of thanks for helping me.?

"R-Really? You would help? Man, I thought I would be stuck in this dangerous place!" he exclaimed, happy to find someone just like him. "Scavenging’s my livelihood too! Well that and finding homes!"

The taguel kept his hopes high for once.. Even if she hid under her hood she had to be another one of his kind! She had to! Maybe not taguel, but something close? It didn’t matter all that mattered was her non-human scent. “I’ll answer anything! Let’s get started!” he replied enthusiastically, tempted to hop all the way to the forests rather than walk.

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This human dress is too tight!

Mapping Out “Friendship” [Lethe/Chambray]


After being run into, Lethe’s instinctive action was to lash out at the individual, immediately appearing to be a rude and insensitive person, even to accidents. Among her own kind, she was known for being tempered. However, she merely let the moment pass flicking of her tail as if, waving off the bump as nothing to be concerned with. Mental preparation had let her self be aware of things that might occur in a busy town. This would have been nothing more than a simple passing.

….or was it?

Immediately after the encounter, Lethe caught a hold of a scent foreign to even her acute and sharpened nose. This was no human odor, it was the aroma of something much more similar to a Laguz. But even in familiarity, she could not deduce what race it hailed. She was perplexed by it, and in her own curiosity brought her gaze to a young man who’s own apprentice seemed so similar yet foreign. Was it possible there were more Laguz in the world? More beast tribes than Tellius had to offer? If it wasn’t for his words, she might have studied him for hours

"Don’t pay mind to it…" she said, dipping her head slightly in regards to respect. “ was my fault; I wasn’t paying attention.”

After speaking, she was tempted to walk away…but her curiosities bit at her once more, being fueled further by her objectives hovering over her, clouding her usual train of thought. Instead she stayed, and turned to face the individual. She was going to abruptly and forwardly ask him what exactly he was, but instead noticed the odd stone clutched tightly in the palm of his hand. A close look proved him to look anxious. Perhaps the typical directness of this feline wouldn’t work after all.

"Do not worry, I am not here to fight you, much less cause any sort of trouble. I swear it on my king, Caineghis’s honor that I mean you no harm. " her voice was calm and she did her best to sound as soothing as possible. “…Instead, do you think you could spare a few minutes? Could we go sit down and talk? There are some questions I’d like to ask you…”

Chambray was unused to such courtesy from people outside of Chrom, Lucina, and select few others. “N-No, it’s no problem! I should have went scavenging instead of this human market..” he replied, giving a small grin. Tucking his beaststone safely away, the rabbit relaxed slightly, It was far from his usual caution, but he felt he could trust the other’s words.

"King…Cain……….egg….his?" he blinked. He had heard of no such ruler anywhere, but the woman’s voice was now calm and soothing, it made him wonder if his mother sounded the same. "Uh, eh? Talk? I-I’m not in trouble, am I?" he asked, his anxiousness returning. As it would have it, he was curious about the other’s scent. Far from taguel, but still close….could it really be that, both he and formerly his mother, are not the last of their race after all? His hope in that fact washed his fear away and he nodded curtly. "L-Let’s talk!" 

Doing something nice; [ Chambray/Lucina ]


She shook her head and decided she’d just kill it. It was just a spider, wasn’t like it was anything more than that. Sighing at her own foolishness, she was getting ready to walk and just squish it with her boot, but she heard.. a transformation behind her, sounded reminiscent to how the taguel take their form, and she was caught by surprise when something lifted her up by her collar and was thrown onto something rather huge and fluffy.

It took her a second or two to realize what happened, and when it did, she couldn’t help but smile at him. She thought for sure he would have run away, but, being taken with him was an amusing surprise, still, she couldn’t just let the spider roam around there and possibly crawl into someone else’s tent..

Ah, it was too late, though. She was gently put down and she dusted herself off, pulling down her tunic slightly and adjusting her cape back to a comfortable position where it wouldn’t bother her any. She watched him sit on the grass before looking around herself, seems like he took them a ways off… Perfect!

"We planned to spend the day together," she began, returning her gaze back to Chambray. “Did you forget already?"

Flopping back on the grass, the rabbit caught his breath. He could hear Lucina adjusting and settling down as well. “We…planned something?” he blinked. He mulled it over as he lay, staring at the sun-spotted trees. 

It wasn’t uncommon for him to forget something in his fright, after all, every thought he had was the thought to run, and nothing more. Blinking he thought it over more before jolting up. 

"Oh yeah!" he exclaimed, a grin forming on his face. They had planned it the day Lucina had saved him from a surprise Risen, and to thank her and spend rare time with her, he had asked to spend a day when they both could to have fun. He wasn’t sure what Lucina had in mind, but he hoped it wasn’t anything too dangerous although he didn’t doubt she would keep his best interest at heart. 

"Have anything you wanna do?" he asked enthusiastically, holding his crossed legs. 

Announcement: Upcoming Event!


Hello, everyone! We are proud to announce our first Master Seal group event! The event will begin on the 20th of July, and it will last for two weeks or so.

To be a part of this event, you must like this post so that we will add you to a list of active members that we will be expecting to be active for the event. This is simply the first announcement post, and the second announcement will be made with the list of active members, so we can decide if we would have to break the members into certain groups and thus, there might be more than one main event.

The main objective for getting people to like this post is that we could get a good grasp on how many people will be involved so that our planning could be top-notch. Don’t worry, there will be some time before making the second announcement. There can be exceptions though. If you’re a newbie or someone coming out of hiatus right before the event start, we will gladly allow them in.

The event will be about a fall festival scenario, with many things happening between characters in this group. There will be a main roleplay for all those involved in the event, but you may have little separate event RPs with one or a few people. The main RP will be in parts and members are not required to be involved in every part, but you must be involved in at least one if you are a member included in the activity list.

Rules for the event:

  • Rules are the same as the regular rules.
  • We strongly suggest to RP in the form you’re most comfortable with (script or novel style/etc), so that we can have a good pace going.

The event festival will include:

  • ghost hunting
  • stalls with activities and games
  • hot springs
  • night dance

Recommendation dress-up for the festival:

  • wearing yukata
  • wearing masks or having them on the character somewhere

And that is all for now! Again, please like this post if you want to be included for the event!

Mapping Out “Friendship” [Open]


* Your objective is to explore coordinates XX and YY. Somewhere, amongst that area is a kingdom we wish to add to our maps in Gallia’s stronghold. You are not there to scout out an enemy territory, and avoid confrontation if necessary. However, Interaction between the people is permissible. Feel free as the Crimean’s call it, “mingle”! Split up if that makes you feel more comfortable as well. The objective is to make allies not enemies. Remember that. You may be dismissed. *

Those words consistently echoed throughout the feline’s mind as she wandered the streets of the unfamiliar land she currently resided. At her king’s personal request, Lethe and a small group of well mannered laguz had gone out exploring. It was a friendly expedition, but perhaps that’s what made quest itself was exceptionally hard for her.

How does one casually approach someone for a conversation? Especially when everything around you smelled overbearingly heavy of Beorc scents. Humans, with their oddities and quirks everywhere you looked…direction was difficult to managed even with the best of noses.

"How am I to map out the location if I can’t tell heads from tails here…" Lethe grumbled as she fussed with her hooded cloak while reading the town board, searching for some sort of inspiration or clue of what a traveler would do here. “Commander Ranulf makes this look so easy…if only striking up a conversation was as simple as hunting down an enemy.”

Casting her words aside for just a moment, she let out a rare sigh as she turned arround to face the vast majority of this seemingly beautiful town. Perhaps she blended in too well? She had covered herself to avoid attention, but perhaps it was now working against her? The outfit made her look more like a generic traveler more than anything else. 

If only someone approached this traveler…wasn’t that wishful thinking?
it would certainly make this task half as ludicrous is it already seemed.

Grumbling, Chambray shuffled his way through town. As the one who wiped out the vegetable supply in a single night, he was made responsible to restock. What was it with humans and those ridiculous gold discs. The taguel had no need for them, no taguel really had such material need. Why couldn’t humans hunt their food? Non-rabbit foods, of course.  He understood very little of both his human and taguel heritages…….lost in thought, he bumped into someone. Rather than an apology, he yelped rather loudly.

The rabbit stepped back and saw only hooded figures. They can only mean danger! But as he was about to scream louder, their scents passed his nose. They didn’t smell like humans at all and not rotten like Risen did. Sheepishly, he regained himself, curiosity taking over. “H-Hey there….Sorry about hitting you…” 

Chambray was unsure how to approach, but he kept his Beaststone safely in his palm in case he needed to flee. 






❝You know— for children! Oh wait…you’re not familiar with that…❞

"I’m not really following…  herbs stuffed in a bag?"



"You mean bunnies…like in friends?"



❝I mean…like…stuffed toys that…resemble…real animals…❞